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Gold Leafing Interior

Gold and silver has always been considered important in Indian society. It’s not just a precious metal but a symbol of prestige . And this attractiveness is provided by the ancient craft of gold and silver leafing and gilding of articles around us. Patronised by royalty, nobility, and aristocracy for centuries, gold and silver leafing has been a hallmark and a status symbol in Europe and India. Gold Leafing Interiors is expertise in transforming any ordinary object into the luxurious product by its leafing process. Our expertise have gilded more than 5,00,000 sq ft of work across India and globe. Gold leafing interior is a value driven organization believe in truth, quality, timely services and customer satisfaction . Gold leafing interior access the skill and expertise to carry any project from conceptualization to dazzling finish. Gold Leafing Interior stands as a state-of-the-art firm offering incomparable and exclusive finishes, setting the standard for gold leaf interior services in India.

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Joseph L.Mabie

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“Elegance redefined! Gold Leafing Interior transformed our space with a touch of gold, creating a luxurious ambiance that we absolutely


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Excellent Service

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