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What is Gold Leafing and how does it add glamour to your home?

Do you want to add a timeless allure to your home? Do it with attention-grabbing gold leaf. Gold leafing is an ancient technique that has gained popularity in today’s contemporary homes because of its elegance and opulence. Right from the furniture to ceilings, gold leafing can give a lavish look to your home. It’s the time to transform your ordinary interior into something lavish with this ancient technique. The art of gold leafing Gold leafing is all about applying thin golden layers on the surface to give it a lustrous finish. Historically, this technique was mastered by ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece where gold was the symbol of power, wealth and divine. Today also this tradition is there with a blend of modern innovation to give a grandeur touch to your home. The gold leafing process requires artistic skills, patience and precision. It is done on the surface which is smooth, clean and free from any imperfection. An adhesive is applied on such a surface to allow the gold base to stick with the surface. The delicate and thin gold leaf sheet made of 24 carat gold is then gently placed on the desired surface and pressed down to make it stick with it. Once this leafing process is completed, a protective sealant is applied to increase the durability and restore the finish of the surface. Various shades of gold leafing To give different colors to gold leafing for home, the gold is mixed with different metals ·       To give a whiter shade, the gold is mixed with silver ·       For Reddish shade, copper is mixed with gold ·       For a moon gold shade, the gold is mixed with palladium Gold leaf thickness Usually, gold leaf is available in single thickness. However, you can also get double or triple thickness in the market. Double gold contains 20% more gold than single gold leaf, while triple gold contains 40% more thickness. Difference between gold paint and gold leaf Gold paints are water-based paints that contain some metallic pigments that appear like gold. The quality of such paints is far inferior than that of gold leaf. The heavier leaf will be more durable and resistant. Thus, it can remain intact even in harsh climate for a longer duration as compared to gold paints.             Beautify interiors with gold leafing The gold leafing has the capability of enhancing the look of your interior with its sophistication. Whether used sparingly as accents or as a focal point in the room, this modern technique of gold adds desired glamour to your space. Below are some of the ways to transform your home with gold leafing. Luxurious furniture: Right from decorating your mirror frames to chairs, gold leafing can give a new life to your old furniture. It can transform them into timeless masterpieces. The golden touch to the furniture showcases luxury and thus allows your simplest furniture to look royal and elegant. Architectural details: Apart from furniture there are other spaces too where you can do gold leafing. It includes your architectural details like cornices, moldings and door frames. Such attractive architectural work will surely draw the attention of your guests upwards, creating a sense of luxury in the space. Ceiling treatments: For a breathtaking look, you can decorate your ceiling with gold leafing by applying it in intricate patterns. Such ceilings create a sense of drama and opulence, thus giving an extraordinary look to your home. Artwork and decorative objects: You can also go with gold leafing on your decorative sculptures, artwork and other showpieces to give a luxurious glimpse to your tabletops and walls. Whether it is a golden sculpture or picture frame, these changes bring richness in your home. Accent walls: It is for those who are looking for a bold statement. Go with gold leafing on your accent wall. You can apply it either as a geometric pattern or as a shimmering backdrop. These changes can increase the elegance of your room giving it a feel of sophistication and glamour. The timeless golden appeal- Conclusion The timeless appeal has made the gold leaf technique different from other decorative finishes. Unlike other old traditions that come and go, the beauty of gold reflects a sense of admiration that lasts forever. Either you use this technique sparingly or lavishly, it has the power to convert an ordinary space into an extraordinary one with the touch of luxury, elegance and warmth. In this current era, trends come and go, but gold leafing is an exception. It is a symbol of refinement and opulence. The unmatched beauty and allure it provides to the home is captivating and thus it has become the most sought-after choice for many homeowners who want to give a golden touch to their interior. So, don’t wait much! Make your home more beautiful with the glimpse of gold and bask in the luxurious ambiance it creates. As when you want to add glamour in our home, nothing can be as good as gold. You can contact a reputed gold leafing company to get the work done for you in a hassle-free manner.

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